Gelkoh GmbH

Gelkoh is an German company established in 2013 where its routes are in the fire extinguishing world (for many years). Gelkoh has developed several solutions for packaging of intact and damaged and defective Lithium-ion batteries. Also other products related to safety are placed on the market. 

We (Battery Safety Solutions (BSS)) are focusing on the packaging products, including the services, belonging to a good working, safe, and environmental friendly atmosphere. 

One of the products is The LiBa®Box.

LiBa®Box is a completely new development for safe storage and transport of all kind intact and damaged and defective of lithium and Li-ion batteries. This innovation is a combination of a fire-resistant box with drip pan, fire-resistant inner packaging, active fire detection and extinguishing system, which clears a fire, at the same time takes over the exhaust treatment of bursting batteries and cools down the entire packaging sustainably.

LiBa®Box is a complete solution for dangerous goods class 9, heralding heat events, execute, reports what happened and where it´s located. Coupled with the BSS service, which ensures that everything will be professionally disposed, decontaminated and repaired again, after an accident. We offer everything from one source, with one contact.

The big difference to all other known products is the extensive facilities that makes LiBa®Box to an active and intelligent system. Due to the integrated extinguishing system escaping gases are condensed and thus prevents the ignition of combustible gases by external ignition sources. The LiBa®Bags, which are through its fireproof and fire retardant qualities an ideal complement to the extinguishing system, will be manufactured adapted to each battery.

For a lawful transportation of defective lithium batteries in the LiBa®Box, LiBa®Bags are imperative!

Main advantages of the LiBa®Box:

  • Transport and storage solution of prototypes, as well as intact and defective Li-ion batteries
  • Permanent location inspection by Track & Trace
  • Automatic reporting of thermal events in the box, e.g. via SMS
  • Prevents the release of lithium-ion into the environment
  • Condensing of released battery gases
  • Movable dangerous substance storage in accordance with TRGS 510
  • UN-coded by BAM (German government authority)
  • Transport / carriage agreed under e.g.

For more information regarding use of the boxes, dimensions and capacity in weight, please contact us.

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