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For all end of life and damaged or defective battery we have with our worldwide network of partners and suppliers the best solution for you, with the highest possible recycling percentage.


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Battery Safety Solutions

Battery Safety Solutions is a young and dynamic company and is an initiative of three parties with together more than 65 years of knowledge and experience with the collection, sorting and processing of batteries, waste processing, energy and service.


Our services

Reporting & Documentation

We offer full service concerning battery administration, including all necessary documents and notifications

  • Put on market in compliance with the European Battery Directive
  • Administration concerning recycling efficiency and recovery rates (eco test) of the collected batteries
  • Disposal and recycling/reuse certification

Recovery & Reuse

We offer you the best available solution for your end of life or damaged and defected batteries

  • In compliance with the European and national law, European and national standards and legislation
  • Complete discharging with 100% energy recovery
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14.000

Safe transport & 24/7 service

We offer safe transport and storage in Europe for all types of batteries

  • 24/7 ready to serve you at +31 320 401 401
  • 24 hours’ pick-up service in co-operation with our European partners and suppliers
  • Dedicated equipment and transport according to ADR, (GPS tracking possible) and UN approved packaging material
  • Expert in sorting and logistics

Consultancy & Training

We offer you consultancy and training from our experts on all relevant safety, legal and administrative aspects concerning batteries

  • Training in safe handling
  • Training in regular compliance
  • Consultancy concerning safe transportation, storage and packaging

Our Products


Fire extinguishers

  • Fire extinguisher in 3, 9 and 50 litres available
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • For all kind of materials, including Lithium (-ion) batteries.
  • Strong cooling effect, 70 degrees Celsius boiling point due to      effective additive!

  • FirePro

    Fire extinguishers

  • Aerosol automatic FirePro firefighting system
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • KIWA certification report available
  • Available for trucks and trailers (hard / closed body)
  • Transport containers


  • 20 Ft salvage container for transportation of damaged cars      including EV and HEV cars
  • Protected with integrated automatic FirePro firefighting system
  • Overpressure hatch
  • Mechanical/ hydraulic salvage platform
  • Storage containers


  • Protected with integrated automatic aerosol extinguish installation
  • Available in 20 and 40 FT containers
  • Steal floor

  • e-Bikes

  • Small packaging for storage and transportation
  • Safetycontainer specially designed for e-bike lithiumbatteries
  • ADR compliance
  • Active cool filter
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